A teddy bear propped up to look like they have the flu.

There are a few things we have to do every year when it comes to our health. For example, yearly check-ups to ensure our bodies are healthy. Or perhaps going to the dentist for the same reason. However, we also have to get our flu shots every year as well. Of course, many viruses require a booster shot now and again, but a flu shot is much more frequent. Why is that? Discover more about why you need your flu shot every year with our urgent care in Sulphur, LA, and check-in today.

Why Do I Need a Flu Shot?

People are naturally social, which makes us more susceptible to spreading diseases and viruses. For many of us, we don’t tend to think about complications as these illnesses do not pose a major threat. However, influenza is a potentially serious disease that could lead to serious complications, even death. Even if you do catch the flu and it is a relatively mild case, imagine if you gave it to somebody who is much more susceptible to the dangers of the flu. In addition, the flu also isn’t a “one-and-done” virus. Meaning, if you have the flu once, you can very easily get it again. Even though it didn’t seriously affect you the first time, you may not be as lucky the second time. But with a flu vaccine, you have a fighting chance against influenza and could possibly avoid catching it altogether.

But Why Do I Need a Yearly Vaccine?

Ah, there’s the million-dollar question. There are a few reasons why you need a yearly flu vaccine.

First, did you know that there are many different types of influenza? Some are more deadly than others, and a few can only be found in certain parts of the world. As people travel, these viruses spread throughout the world. Those who create the vaccine follow these virus trends and create a vaccine that continues to provide protection. 

On the other hand, the flu is an evolving virus. Every year, new vaccines are needed in order to combat the new defenses that the virus has naturally developed. That’s why a new vaccine comes out every year. The vaccine you had last year may not work anymore. Some might question if this is reason enough to get a vaccine. But then you have to ask yourself—can you take the risk? It’s better to get your flu shot with our urgent care in Sulphur, LA. 

How Fast Does a Flu Vaccine Work?

While it would be ideal for a vaccine to be effective immediately, it does take some time. In fact, it can take up to two weeks to build immunity after a flu shot. Within that time period, you could very easily get the flu, pass it on to somebody else, and create an unfortunate cycle. So even though you have your flu shot, it’s best to still take precautions. Feel free to ask us more when you’re getting your flu shot at our urgent care in Sulphur, LA.

Check-in and Get a Flu Shot With Our Sulphur, LA Clinic 

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