Learn the difference between a bone break vs. fracture

Medical terminology can be confusing, especially when it comes to distinguishing between certain conditions. One common question patients have is the difference between a break vs. a fracture. At Family Physicians Urgent Care, we not only strive to provide top-notch medical care but also empower our patients with knowledge about their health. Let’s explore these terms and discover when and where to seek medical treatment.

Break vs. Fracture: Are They Different?

At Family Physicians Urgent Care, we often encounter patients using the terms “break” vs. “fracture” without realizing that they essentially describe the same type of injury. These terms refer to any crack or break in the bone, ranging from hairline fractures to the complete separation of the bone into two or more parts. These injuries may be caused by trauma, osteoporosis, or repetitive overuse.

While both terms refer to damage in the continuity of a bone, it’s important to note that the severity can vary. There are five types of bone breaks to be aware of:

  • Closed fractures where the broken bone does not break through the skin
  • Open fractures where the bone punctures through the skin
  • Partial fractures where the bone cracks but does not fully break
  • Complete fractures where the bone shatters into multiple pieces
  • And stress fractures, or a hairline crack in the bone

Identifying the level of severity can help you determine the appropriate course of action. 

Recognizing Symptoms and Seeking Care

Identifying the symptoms of a potential break or fracture is another important step in the process. Recognizing these signs can help you seek medical aid as soon as possible. These symptoms include:

  • Intense or persistent pain at the injury site
  • Noticeable swelling or bruising
  • Visible deformity in the shape or alignment of the injured area
  • Difficulty moving the affected limb

At Family Physicians Urgent Care, our team of skilled professionals is equipped to assess and treat minor fractures efficiently. If you experience the above symptoms and suspect a minor fracture, visit your closest urgent care.

How Family Physicians Urgent Care Can Help

At our Sulphur, LA, urgent care, we specialize in providing prompt and effective care for minor fractures and breaks. Our experienced staff employs state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to evaluate the extent of the injury to provide an accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment. 

We offer comprehensive care for minor fractures, including:

  • X-ray and imaging services for accurate diagnosis
  • Casting or splinting for proper healing
  • Follow-up care to monitor recovery progress

Our patient-centric approach focuses on delivering timely and compassionate care, helping to provide comfort throughout the healing process.

Should You Go to an Urgent Care or an Emergency Room?

It’s crucial to note that serious emergencies or life-threatening medical concerns require emergency room care. If you are unsure about where to seek care for a minor or major break vs. fracture, assess how serious the injury is.

Our urgent care facility is designed to cater to non-life-threatening injuries, providing a faster, more cost-effective alternative. While we can treat stress or partial fractures, open and complete fractures or injuries to bones in the spine or skull should be brought to an emergency room.

Family Physicians Urgent Care Is Here for You

When faced with a minor fracture, trust Family Physicians Urgent Care for efficient and compassionate care. Visit us today and experience the difference in healthcare tailored just for you. We strive to make accessing healthcare convenient for you. Walk into our clinic or check-in online for added convenience. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to call us at 337-888-3171. Your well-being is our priority, and we’re here to support you on your journey to recovery.